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Mask Makers Unite!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We've taken a break from our regularly scheduled bag-making to make face masks (so....so...so many masks...). I've spoken back and forth with some friends in the medical profession who had advised that some of their younger patients were getting a little scared about encountering medical staff in full PPE. Emma and I then made the decision to order online from our local fabric retailer, and took care to select some less intimidating prints and patterns, like mermaids and unicorns.

A side note on homemade, and even retail-purchased, face masks. The CDC has guidelines out on the most effective fabrics and structures for facemasks. For our masks, we use 100% cotton WOVEN fabric. What this means is that it does not have any stretch to it whatsoever. Fabrics like cotton lycra and jersey may feel more comfortable, but they also have a looser weave to them because of the stretch. Because the spaces in between the threads are larger, this may allow droplets or germs to get through.

(On that note, a friendly reminder: the primary reason for wearing a mask is to prevent you from spreading your germs to others, not necessarily to protect yourself. Studies show that we release droplets containing germs into the air when we speak or even just by breathing, and especially when we cough or sneeze. Facemasks have been proven to impede the movement of those droplets, with some materials being more effective than others. Since so many people may be carrying COVID-19 and not realize they are sick, by having everyone wear a mask in public spaces, this prevents those individuals with mild or no symptoms from inadvertently infecting those around them.)

Additionally, we've done our homework on which patterns are the most versatile and effective. The one that we've selected is made up of two layers of cotton woven, which I carefully cut so the grains are going in different directions. The space between the two layers is left as an open "pocket", so that a third protective layer can be inserted, such as a disposable shop cloth, an additional layer of cotton woven, or a disposable mask.

The pattern we use also have a sort of "tube" on the end where the ear loops are threaded. This enables the wearer to remove the ties and replace it with a tie that is most comfortable for them. For example, some prefer elastic that goes behind the head rather than ear loops, and smaller children tend to prefer ribbon ties.

Finally, the template we use has four different sizes: little kids, bigger kids, teens/women, and men. Everyone's face is different, so in some cases the sizes haven't been a perfect fit, but I'd say 90% of the time it's been accurate.

There are so many articles and free patterns available out there, so make sure you do your research! And towards the beginning of the pandemic in NY, when there was a shortage on PPE, we made it a point to donate masks to health care workers throughout the tri-state and beyond. If you are looking for a fun and crafty way to make a difference, check in with your friends and neighbors and make sure they have a mask.

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